The Diversity Exhibition


About the exhibit

Great art is created by Vedic Art practitioners. 22 wonderful artists will show the breadth and depth of Vedic Art creation. Our humble goal is to more clearly position Vedic Art in the realm of art.

The jury

We are very pleased that 83 Vedic Art artists applied to be apart of the Diversity Exhibition. An independent jury of 3 people has selected the artwork with the aim to show the diversity that exists within Vedic Art. These people have looked at all the submissions with the utmost reverence and respect for every human beings desire to express themselves.

The members of the jury are Inger Breitholtz, Ricardo Donoso and Tuija Lindström. Ricardo Donoso is Edsviks Art Director and Tuija Lindström is a professor of photography. Inger Breitholtz is an MA Art Historian, an agent, a gallery owner and a curator. Inger has worked as head of department and coordinator of the College of Arts / Department of Arts, as Administrator of art, film, dance at the Stockholm Culture Administration, and as Coordinator of the Glass House. She has been working for several years with “Vår Gård” on Lidingö and with exhibitions for Björn Wessman.

TheCurator for the Diversity Exhibition is Lisa Johansson.


The artists

The artists are presented on the Swedish page.