Nelly och Sara namnWelcome to a celebration of art and life! On August 18th to September 2nd, 2017, we are proud to organize the exhibition “The Light from the North” at Edsvik Art Gallery. Come and enjoy the Retrospective Exhibition of Curt Källman, the founder of Vedic Art. Let yourself be touched by the spiritual art in the Diversity Exhibition. Be inspired by the Vedic Art Train Art Installation.

This is a realization of a common vision of a traveling exhibition (it was held in Helsinki 2012 for the 1st time). Now it’s time for Stockholm! This is something we do together to realize a dream of creation taking part all over the world. Therefore, your participation is important, both for the implementation of the project as a whole, but also as a co-creator in the Vedic Art Train Art Installation.


Vedic Art Train Art Installation

Artworks from Vedic Art practitioners from all over Sweden and the world, will be shown in the Vedic Art Train Art Installation. Read more  here.

The Diversity Exhibit

Great art is created by Vedic Art practitioners. 22 glorious artists will represent the width and breadth of Vedic Art creation. Our humble goal is to more clearly position Vedic Art in the realm of art. Read more about the Diversity Exhibition here.

Invitation to exhibit

All Vedic Art practitioners painting with inspiration from the 17 principles are welcome to register to the Vedic Art Train Art Installation. It will be a great celebration of art and life. What you need to do is paint, pay and send in your artwork. We will do the rest! Learn how to sign up here.

A Warm welcome to visit The Light from the North exhibitions and take part with your artwork!

Med joy

Nelly and Sara